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Physics Undergrad. Fanatic about science, books, sports, and colors. Writing as a stress-reliever. Ready to tackle life!

Social media is packed with news about this unknown, new particle that has emerged in Physics. There is a 90% chance that someone has already stumbled upon someone talking about this new physics or a post stating the discovery of a new particle related to the particle known as a Muon. With the outspread on social media, we often get lost in our loopholes, a sea of false information. What might be the significance of this potential discovery? This could change the laws of physics as we know it, as Muons are an essential and quite substantial part of the…

Check yourself
Before you wreck yourself

The hardest thing you will ever do
Is accept everything that has happened to you
But the fights are true
Pain and suffering you no longer can endure

When toxicity is masked as greed
Thoughts fly around at supersonic speed
Screaming and shouting a plead
“Mercy on me I just want to be freed”

You run through memories in your mind
In black and white and all colors dried
Abominable cruelty has made you blind
You do not see heart and soul are intertwined

Your mind is a brilliant liar
Your heart is bursting with desire
You crave something higher
But your body screams ceasefire

My hope is not unheard
My delusions are absurd
Why can’t I be a bird
A faint voice is heard
Still bleeding and scarred
No warmth stirred
Pain and suffering incurred
Emotions blurred

Just two weeks ago, I found myself contemplating the universe’s demise and the possibility of parallel ones.

There may be very many other universes similar to ours.

The mere thought accompanied surges of excitement that overwhelmed me. It drove me into a profound, infinite universe of my own, speculating what might occur next and where can I even start on this? Will I be lucky enough to witness this ground-shattering discovery?

Yet now, in what seems like fleeting moments, life flashes in front of my eyes.

The last thing I remember was writing these words in my journal right before…

a poem

the blood-shot moon
pasters on a smile
its song is out of tune
casting shadows meanwhile

but I do wish
that I could disappear
for a few days

cease to exist
let it all persist
let memories run and reminisce
I wonder if I’d even be missed

but this late-night mist
has punched me with its fist
and then in my mind runs an endless list
and this urge I have to resist

while people are merely walking by
but everything around me seems to solidify
and they freeze in space; I’m on a high
but it is not pleasant; I can’t…

what to do when you feel you’re dissipating energy and potential

It’s when you look around and see the fake everywhere. In every corner. In every person around you. Every drag of a cigarette. Every sip of a drink.
It is a dooming feeling of emptiness. That hollow feeling deep inside that you crave to stock up with emotions. You’d think someone would fill it, but that person is no longer around. You’d think a cigarette would fill it, but all it does is take away from your life. You’d think a drink would fill it, but all that does is leave you intoxicated within your own sadness.

You’d think getting…

so what is yours?

What led you to Medium? What made you take the step and present your writing skills to the world?

I have been active on this platform for the past 5 months. I honestly did not expect things to go the way they did; my creative flow was at its peak when I decided to start writing here. My goal was not the money. What I was striving for was a community I could connect with and an outlet for the surplus of emotions surging through me. To say the least, I was not at all disappointed.

I just wrote an…

it definitely is not what you think — but here is why

Yes, I have not been on here for the past month. Yes, I have not written anything yet. Yes, I realize I have not been consistent. However, let me tell you about the crazy life that I have had for the past few months.

Before we dive into the spicy, novel takeaways from the story, I will share some information I have been holding back on before I embarked on this journey.

For the past six months, I have been incredibly ashamed of sharing this piece of information with people I am not close to for fear of judgement or…

a place to share your ideas, passions, experiences, and inspiration with the world

Welcome to Manifest Growth!

The guidelines are quite straightforward. We welcome all and any articles that you have to share from your own personal perspective. Feel free to share things you have learned, things you are currently working on, personal stories, what your dreams for the future are, and how you manage to fit self-love into your day.

We want to encourage more personal stories and a supportive community that works hand-in-hand.

Since this is a brand new publication, we welcome all submissions related to the following topics:

  • Habit-building
  • Personal stories
  • Passions
  • Inspiration
  • Self Love

Building Habits

We encourage you to share pieces on habits you…

Selina Hajarat

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