Selina Hajarat
3 min readFeb 19, 2021
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They often deem insanity as such a derogatory remark, right? What is the definition of insanity anyway?

An insane person is mentally ill or conceived to be brimming with madness.
An insane person is someone who is extremely foolish or irrational.

Wouldn’t you address someone as insane if you see them walking around hysterically? Or hear someone talking to themselves? Or witness someone fully trusting someone else when they are fully aware of the absence of judgment the other person possesses?

Yet, once upon a time, there were three intoxicated peas in a pond, confiding in each other despite the paucity of prevailing qualities shared. Despite the absurdity present in the pond. Although the three of them scarcely ever sat together to converse.

Even though all three of them had full ammunition to wreck each other’s lives right then, and right there. We all knew secrets about the others that we are not entitled to own, but they are secrets that we would all expire before spilling.

But is that not in itself insanity?

You entrust someone with the darkest, most ominous parts of yourself with the prospect of reticence, but what brings three profoundly contrast peas into the same pond?


That intoxicated night felt more like a fantasy; an event so abrupt that there was an insufficient amount of time to process what was occurring. But the simple fact that three people, who were on the brink of crumpling and look so fragile, sat around a dimly lit table, articulating the simple adversities in life.

Insanity does come in different forms.

Insanity is putting on a mask for the world, feigning happiness. That smile you have on your face bears an incredible amount of pain and suffering begging to be spilled out.

Insanity does not discriminate.

Insanity is dismissing a heartbreak and pushing through the mental torment, and expelling all thoughts from your mind, and manifest as a sane person who emits strength and independence.

Insanity does not abandon.

Sitting there, with a glass in one hand, a cigarette in the other, laughing as if there is no care in the…

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