To Dream Is to Be Haunted

Selina Hajarat
1 min readMar 15, 2021
Photograph by the Author

Check yourself
Before you wreck yourself

The hardest thing you will ever do
Is accept everything that has happened to you
But the fights are true
Pain and suffering you no longer can endure

When toxicity is masked as greed
Thoughts fly around at supersonic speed
Screaming and shouting a plead
“Mercy on me I just want to be freed”

You run through memories in your mind
In black and white and all colors dried
Abominable cruelty has made you blind
You do not see heart and soul are intertwined

Your mind is a brilliant liar
Your heart is bursting with desire
You crave something higher
But your body screams ceasefire

My hope is not unheard
My delusions are absurd
Why can’t I be a bird
A faint voice is heard
Still bleeding and scarred
No warmth stirred
Pain and suffering incurred
Emotions blurred



Selina Hajarat

Physics Undergrad. Fanatic about science, books, sports, and colors. Writing as a stress-reliever. Ready to tackle life!